Create your own special place

The golden age of Australian architecture was in the 1830s with most development centred on the Macquarie towns west of Sydney and in Tasmania. Framed in clear straight lines with an engaging simplicity, buildings of this period were enriched by materials such as stone, mud and timber from the Australian forest.
There are two periods in Australian history that stand out as inspiration for today’s owner builder. The first is the pre-1840’s Colonial period when the discipline of limited resources created a simple robust style of building, which was both delicate in detail and sensitive in scale. Experts in the use of passive climate control, builders of that period created homes that were very livable, while the alignment of broad verandas and eaves cast an ever changing pattern of light and shadow.
The second period began after World War 2, when shortages of material and increased demand for housing saw another surge of owner building, which for the most part was exceedingly dull and utilitarian. There was however, a small band of diggers who had spent part of the war in rural France and England and had decided to use the style and techniques of the peasants and farmers to build their homes. Built from the earth, either pise or mudbrick homes had, if properly constructed, a charm and quality that far outweighed their humble origins.


These top quality full colour books are ideal for the rustic home owner builder. They preview some of the options available to help save the planet from the monotony of contempory building.
Displaying an originality found in people often with limited resources these pages show the use of naturally available materials and how they have been used rustic sustainable homes. 

Mudbrick and timberframe home built by ownerbuilder.

They are only 16 pages, but every page is crammed with top quality full colour ideas that can inspire and guide the lover of stylish rustic and sustainable architecture.
We have a small quantity of these books available, and are prepared to sell them below cost in the hope that they will inspire others to create their own special place in a world that needs all the help we can give it.

Selling these books at or below cost is our contribution to allow purchasers a choice and the knowledge that there are acceptable alternatives to high mortgages and poor building standards that masquerade as today’s norm.
Guarantee your copy by buying now. Please feel free to email me with any questions that you may have.


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