NO RENT TO PAY – Continued

After nearly 40 years in the Owner Built industry it’s about time to pass on some useful information for a generation who havn’t had the opportunity, but would like to have a place of their own without mortgaging your life away to pay for it.

First of all let’s establish what is possible to achieve if you are limited for funds…

Its not this,


But it could be this,

Owner built mudbrick and timberframe home

or this,

A rescoursful and talented lady artists owner built home
A talented lady artists owner built home

or this,

The houses shown above have been made with a variety of naturally available materials, by people who have little building experience and although funds were in some cases not the issue, the owners have shown a creativity often found in those with limited resources.

Think small, think recycle, think spend your time and not your dollars.Think quality handmade, can be rustic or modern, deffinitely think low embodied energy, and solar or any other energy saving methods you can think of.

We are just putting the finishing touches to a DVD that contains photos and video footage of making and laying mudbricks, making and raising a timber framed house, plus hundreds of high resolution photos of finished and construction details of Mud Brick, Timber Frame,Straw Panel,Stone and natural building materials. This DVD will be available at a modest price (price not yet available). If you would like to find out more details check back here, we expect it to be ready for distribution in February.

Also contained in the DVD will be instructions for making a mud brick mould and details of how to make your first mudbricks.

Part of the footage from building a timber framed house contained on the DVD.

This photo shows the completed home ,tahns-1

Click Here to view and bid on my auctions!


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